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speed All our dedicated servers run on Linux built for speed, security, and stability. We use the most recent stable version of Apache along with all that server-side programming stuff we've all come to love.
LAMP servers Accounts are provided with a large assortment of CGI scripts pre-configured and ready to plop into your pages like so much candy. Taste the site-building goodness!
Email filtering Email accounts can be protected by a virus firewall which is updated every 24hrs. You are allowed as many email accounts as you want. No, really. As many as you can fit in your allocated storage on the server.
CGI scripting All accounts are configured with MySQL, PHP, and Perl. An assortment of other standard hosting software packages are also available at no extra charge.
Dedicated hosting Accounts are provided in a true dedicated hosting environment. This allows for a virtual server configuration that can be completely customized to fit your needs. No sharing with someone in Botswana. It's all yours.
Control Panel A web-based control panel for your account along with a web based email client. Do your email or fool with your site from a standard web browser. We also provide a Secure Shell (SSH) along with standard FTP and POP/SMTP access.
Web statistics Real-time statistics on storage usage and that evil bandwidth consumption. Full logs (referrer, agent, error, etc.) are always available for view or download. Uptime values and averages are available upon request.
Help! Screwed something up or confused about one of the scripts? We're just an email or phone call away. We have never lost a customer due to poor support.

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