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   Siteomatic was born from the ashes of today's dehumanized methods of technical integration. We have refused to enter into this realm of techno babble and elitism. Early carpetbaggers of the Internet ran amok because they were allowed to separate the general public from the details. They operate like the little man in the booth of Oz. CEOs lost fortunes and sharp wizards drove off with the bounty reaped by their ability to maintain this illusion of separation. We are not wizards (but have been known to wear funny hats on some occasions).

   At Siteomatic we try to introduce our customers to the uses of their Internet technology by simply explaining it. Our customers usually come to us already knowing what they want. The problem is in finding the right package to satisfy these designs. We have a wide range of solutions to suit almost anyone's needs and all our projects are built around what you expect your web presence to be. Like anything in the real world it usually boils down to how far you wish to go and how much you are able to spend.

Let us help you get the most out of your Internet presence!

GraphicsGraphics getting you down?
We can lend a hand optimizing or even creating something to suit your needs.

Helping handLost on the finer points of web site administration or configuration?
We'll grab your hand and show you the steps and pitfalls.

DocumentsLooking for the right information to get started on a project?
We do our best to make sure you have all the details you'll need.

   Web site hosting is not much unlike apartment management. We're your landlord. The server is our building and your web site is your home. We make sure your water is running and the power always on. You let usdog know if you need anything and we'll be right there. You could use a washer/dryer combo? No Problem, we'll have it installed overnight. The neighbors giving you trouble? We'll shut 'em up or shut 'em down. Need to change your lock because your ex is in town? The people at Siteomatic know about the importance and implementation of security. You have the pit-bull double-bolt door jam of intrusion protection.

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